Getting your bond back


Please follow the First Street Tenants Checklist that is sent to you when you terminate your tenancy.

When the outgoing inspection of your apartment has been done, and if there are is no cleaning or repairs required, we will complete the Bond Refund Form and send it to you. This must be completed and signed by the people whose signatures are the original Bond Lodgement Form and returned to us and we will send it to the Department of Building and Housing. Please allow 3 working days for them to process it and deposit the bond in your bank account.

If we have identified any cleaning or repairs that needs to be done we will arrange for this to be done by our contractors. This can delay the bond refund as we have to wait for the work to be completed and invoiced.

The best way to make sure you get your bond back quickly is to make sure you leave the property in an undamaged, clean and tidy condition.


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